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Herbology is the holistic study and use of herbs, fungi, plants animal, human, and mineral products to aid healing.

This ancient therapy predates human written history, and is the forerunner of modern medicine which still researches plants for potential use in healing and easing pain. A herbalist may use a combination of several plant extracts which are ground into powder to create tablets or distilled in water or water/alcohol for a decoction often tailored to the individuals needs.

Herbology has also been used in wiccan and pagan rites and was more recently adapted for use in the Harry Potter films to include the use of magical and mundane plants and fungi.

Please note that the use of herbs and plants should only be taken with medical or expert advice as many have associated similar plants that are poisonous and incorrect dosage or application of any herb may be harmful. The videos include information, lecture’s and how to’s on herbalism for beginner herbalists.

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